Mitch Zygmund-Felt, Township Commissioner Candidate (Ward 6)

  • Cheltenham and Sixth Ward Resident since 1979

    • Actively working for the Local, State and National Democratic Candidates as Sixth Ward Leader and Committee Person (opening and closing the 6-3 polling place in 70 out of 73 primary and general elections at Elkins Park Middle School)

    • Served on a number of Township Citizens Committees and on the Board of the Cheltenham Art Center


  • Civic and Community Leadership


    • Organized, fundraised and led community groups opposing inappropriate development

      • 1986 – Second and Ashbourne – Spokesperson and Leader

      • 2005 – Original Plans for Ashbourne Country Club

      • 2010 to Current – Concerned Citizens for Ashbourne – Co-President

      • 2012 – Kerlin Farm


        In each of these instances, my involvement sought to downscale the size and potential impact of each development while resulting in their becoming a good neighbor to the Township. Working with the Township Commissioners and staff, I enlisted legal, land planning and engineering consultants to question, challenge and eventually reduce the size and scope of each proposal.


  • Personal and Professional History


  • My wife Allyn and I moved into our first and only home here in Cheltenham from Northeast Philadelphia.  Raised our two sons (ages 29 and 24), both of whom graduated from CHS and Temple University (as did both Allyn and I, TU that is).

  • My wife is a Reading Specialist in Philadelphia schools and professionally, I am a Marketing and Advertising Consultant having worked in and commuted nearly 25 years to NYC before scaling back the last dozen years to a home office setting.

  • Many of you want to know how I arrived at the hyphenated last name. Allyn Zygmund, a child of Holocaust survivors, married Mitchell Felt in June of 1976. With no male heirs, the Zygmund name would have disappeared with the next generation. We agreed to combine our last names and the Zygmund-Felt moniker carries into the next and hopefully, subsequent generations.